Thursday, May 29, 2008

IPhone Garage Door Opener

In a past life I wrote automation controllers for large facilities. Now, I'm obsessed with needlessly automating my house (since it's my first). Thus, I present to you, my latest in ridiculously over-engineered automations:

The iPhone Garage Door Opener

Why? Cause it's cool to be able to press a button on my phone and have my garage door open. That, and, I have a horrible habit of leaving my garage door open all night for anyone to access, and now I can create a script to remotely close the door at a given time.

The stuff I bought consists of an NPort 16 port serial server (5610, if I remember) and an National Control Devices ProXR 4 Relay, 8 Input serial controller. To sense state, I included a garage door contact sensor with input into the ProXR. 

On my MacPro, I have Tomcat running with a servlet which responds to the AJAX calls from my little iPhone-customized JSP page. The UI updates every 5 seconds, updating the door state and the current temperature in the garage (since a temperature sensor comes on the ProXR). So now I can use my iPhone to control my garage (which is almost useful)! 


kpence said...

Hey man,

I really want to get my phone/garage/house set up like this. I'm fairly computer literate, but this is way over my head. Any way you can give a little more detailed instructions on how this worked, both for the hardware and how you set it up on the iphone. You can email if you will,

Thanks man, really cool.


Elie said...

Wow..I like that. I would also like to have more details if you don't mind. I'm very good with computers and everything related to it.


Windsor said...

That looks like what I'm looking for, can you send me any specs to


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