Monday, January 26, 2009 Security Breach

Absolutely disgusting. A company's (lack of) security allows a data breach, and they cavalierly dismiss it as a price of doing business.

As is the case with many companies that maintain large databases of information, Monster is the target of illegal attempts to access and extract information from its database.

Which should have actually said: "As is the case with many companies that maintain large databases of information, we failed to take the proper precautions to secure your information against unauthorized access and theft." It's even worse they they don't intend to email users about the breach. The solution they provided offers little comfort.

It is important to know the company continually monitors for any illicit use of information in our database, and so far, we have not detected the misuse of this information.

If the information has been accessed (and probably copied), how do they intend to detect/prevent the misuse of information? Maybe they should enter the DRM space if they've got the solution.


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quill said...

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