Saturday, December 19, 2009

New MyPay Bookmarklet

MyPay Virtual Keyboard Remover v 2.0:
Works with Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Drag it to your bookmarks or your toolbar. You need to establish a username and change your password through the virtual keyboard first. Once you have done that, use the bookmarklet to disable the virtual keyboard on subsequent logins.


MD said...

Thank you for your virtual keyboard remover. The DFAS virtual keyboard is false security; it encourages users to use defective passwords that are easy to enter with the virtual keyboard.

Moreover, federal law requires that government agency information technology is accessible to people with disabilities (see Access to the DFAS MyPay web site is cumbersome without disabilities.

Al said...

This is awesome, but at present it does not work correctly. The bookmarklet removes the keyboard and enables typing in the field, but hitting submit adds a bunch of characters to the field, preventing submission from working properly.